Martha Stewart Slams Rachael Ray On Cooking

martha2212.jpg“Nightline” has an interview with lifestyle and cooking tycoon Martha Stewart tonight, in which she talks about how it felt to lose “more than a billion dollars” while in prison (though whether that billion was hers personally, or tied up in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is not made clear) and what it’s like to be completely bonkers (which, in Stewart’s opinion, involves her picking up gravel from her mile-long driveway in Maine).

But our favorite segment features Stewart slamming bubbly 30-minute meal cooking television personality and talk show host Rachael Ray for not being a real chef.

Video after the jump.

So Martha is angry that Rachael Ray misrepresents herself as a chef when she claims the Food Network host is more of an entertainer? And then sniffs her nose in the air over her own assumption that Ray doesn’t have a garden? We’re almost impressed. Not every billionaire multimedia star (we’re guessing there are more billions, since the business magnate hasn’t filed for Chapter 11 yet and her Martha Stewart Weddings titles are doing so well that they just threw a huge fete for themsevlves) can have time to plant her own garden, count every single pebble in the driveway, see her parole officer, and still find a moment to feel threatened by a woman whose catchphrase is “Yum-O!”