Martha Raddatz To Brush Her Teeth, Eat Pretzels With The President

Well, not really, but she is spending “a day in the life of President George W. Bush,” according to an ABC News release.

    Today, Tuesday, December 11, ABC News’ Martha Raddatz spends a day-in-the-life with President George W. Bush. The report will include a behind the scenes look at what a day-in-the-life- of a President looks like. Throughout the morning, in extensive interviews, they covered a variety of important topics, including: the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes, Iran, Algeria, and President Putin. Portions of the interview will air on Tuesday, December 11th, on “World News with Charles Gibson” and “Nightline.” Excerpts will also be featured on the “World News” webcast, ABC News Radio,, and ABC News Now.