Marriott Hopes to Reach Millennials with New ‘Travel Brilliantly’ Campaign

In an effort to engage younger travelers (i.e. “millennials”), Marriott Hotels is undergoing a re-branding, and is launching a new multi-year global marketing campaign created by Grey NY.

The goal of the effort, called “Travel Brilliantly,” is  to amplify the brand’s dedication to leading the future of travel. In a release, the company states that it aims to appeal to “the next generation of travelers, who seamlessly blend work and play in a mobile and global world.”

At the heart of the campaign is the idea that a hotel is not actually bound by its four walls. Instead, the focus is on celebrating how the global travel experience is a mind-opening, inspiring life event that cannot be measured in miles or contained within brick and mortar. “This is not a hotel,” the advertising states, “It’s an idea that travel should be brilliant… It’s not only about where you’re staying. It’s about where you’re going.”

Compelling though this romantic and existential view of travel may be, the company is backing up its message with tangible changes, including re-designed lobbies and public spaces to better accomodate “the next generation of travelers who blend work and play, demand style and substance, and require technology.” The hotel chain is also introducing new concepts designed for the new mobile worker including Workspring at Marriott, Red Coat Direct and Workspace on Demand.

These changes will be advertised via TV, digital and mobile advertising, a new brand look and logo, and enhanced social media platforms. Marriott is also launching a new website – -revealing innovations under development, as well as a co-creation platform to solicit user-generated ideas.

“The ‘Travel Brilliantly’ campaign re-establishes Marriott‘s role as a pioneer in the travel industry,” says Jan Egan, Executive Creative Director, Grey New York. “Beyond creating new industry advancements, Marriott is shifting the process of how these innovations are ideated.  By fostering dialogue with guests and engaging the modern traveler to co-create the travel experience through, Marriott will define the future of travel.”