Marriott, Best Western, Hilton, Aria and Holiday Inn among most popular hotel brands on Facebook

Marriott, Best Western and Holiday Inn are among the most popular hotel pages on Facebook. This is based on information from our PageData tracking service.

# Name Total Likes  Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1 Marriott Hotels & ResortsMarriott Hotels & Resorts 531,409 +4,820 +13,195
2 Best WesternBest Western 507,242 +293 +1,624
3 Hilton Hotels & Resorts 416,045 +1,140 +3,241
4 ARIA Resort & CasinoARIA Resort & Casino 409,109 +230 +2,898
5 Holiday InnHoliday Inn 405,811 +585 +3,514
6 Courtyard by MarriottCourtyard by Marriott 378,066 +1,992 +13,496
7 Great Wolf LodgeGreat Wolf Lodge 373,760 +268 +1,904
8 MGM Grand Las VegasMGM Grand Las Vegas 372,894 +1,034 +12,061
9 Bellagio Las VegasBellagio Las Vegas
269,640 +208 +1,491
10 Caesars PalaceCaesars Palace 266,798 +159 +1,127

Of the top 10 most liked hotels within the hotel and travel/leisure categories, six of the pages are hotel chains. The other four are single location hotels, all of which are located in Las Vegas.

With over 532,000 likes, Marriott leads all hotel brands in likes. Best Western this week shared a press release that states it was the first international hotel chain to reach 500,000 Likes. This is true according to PageData, however, Marriott quickly surpassed this total and surged ahead of Best Western. Marriott also has separate Facebook pages, including the Courtyard by Marriott chain and Marriott Rewards, a rewards program for frequent travelers. The rewards page has over 555,000 likes itself.

Best Western’s recent milestone of reaching 500,000 Likes occurred on Nov. 29. Marriott reached 500,000 Likes the next day and continues to grow at a faster rate. Best Western, on the other hand, seems to have made a big ad push to reach the total and has either stopped or decreased spending since the start of the month.

Of the top 10 pages, Aria Resort and Casino has the largest People Talking About This score (PTAT) making it the most engaging on the list. The Las Vegas based resort and casino received almost 30,000 engagements over the last week. The page publishes around three page posts a day providing fans with more opportunity to engage throughout the day. These page posts mostly consist of links and images.

For the top two pages, Marriott boasts a PTAT around 27,000 while Best Western received under 3,000 engagements. It is likely that Best Western used Sponsored Story ads to increase its page Likes but hasn’t continued with paid media to support its content strategy. Now that it has over half a million Likes, it would be good practice for the company to use Promoted Posts or Page Post Ads to increase fan engagement.

Unlike Marriott, Best Western makes use of page’s tab applications. The chain has an app for users looking to apply for job openings and another app comparable to the Marriott Rewards program. Interactions with these apps, however, don’t count toward PTAT.