Marketers, Put a Social Share Button in Your Emails [Infographic]

It’s a surprise to some, but email marketing is still one of the most powerful forms.  While social media is important to get the word out, there is still nothing that generates click through than a well timed email to a person’s inbox.  That said, a recent study shows that while social and email battle for clicks, the best answer is to use both in one go.

According to the folks at GetResponse, for every 10,000 emails opened, 23 links are shared on Facebook, 7 on Twitter and surprisingly 4 on LinkedIn.  That’s a good number of shares, and means that it’s important to get your social buttons out in front of the user so they can tell their friends about your smart email.

I want to mention the LinkedIn statistic again.  I feel that with LinkedIn having gone public, the network is going to be doing more and more to gain new users and make the site advertiser friendly.  Currently, according to the infographic, only 8.5% of emails include a link to LinkedIn — that may be the best opportunity for growth at this point.  If I were a marketer in a professional services company I’d certainly be looking to LinkedIn to establish a presence.