Marie Claire Responds To Controversy Surrounding Fitness Blogger Article

Here’s an update on the ongoing controversy surrounding a recent Marie Claire article on a group of health and fitness bloggers known as “the big six.” Yesterday, we gave you a bit of a rundown on the story, (and some of our own commenters weighed in with their thoughts — thoughts worth reading and considering, we think). Today, PR Junkie reports that the magazine has issued a response to the flood of criticism inspired by “The Hunger Diaries:”

To our readers: Thank you all for your responses to this article. Since the piece went online, hundreds of you have written to us. Twitter, Facebook, your blogs, and comments on our website have all been lighting up with messages, and we are thrilled to hear from you. Some of you wrote in anger, while others applauded us for voicing concerns about this community. We believe the outpouring of comments proves the issues raised in the piece are important. This is a controversial subject, and we always welcome a good debate. Like every article published in Marie Claire, this one was researched and edited carefully over the course of many months, and we stand by its content. Thank you for letting us know how you feel — we are listening!

So the magazine has reached out to its readers, but is not apologizing for the research or opinions in the article. Fair enough, we think.

However, PR Junkie has also pointed to a serious allegation made by a woman — who goes by “VeggieGirl88” — left in the comments section of the story. According to this person, the article’s author, Katie Drummond, never interviewed her and fabricated certain elements relating to her in the story — adding yet another interesting wrinkle to the discussions surrounding the intent and tone of the article.