Marash to Al Jazeera

marash.jpgNightline correspondent Dave Marash is leaving the ABC show to join Al Jazeera’s 24-hour English-language network, which will be unveiled in a few months. (British interviewer Sir David Frost and CNN’s Riz Khan also recently left their posts to help the start-up).

Marash didn’t hold back in how he described his new position, calling it “the most interesting job on Earth.” Marash will serve as co-anchor, operating from Al Jazeera’s Washington studio (the other co-anchor has not been announced).

From The New York Observer:

    This is a real sort of marriage made in heaven in terms of journalistic ambition and interest,” said Mr. Marash on the phone today.

The Observer also points out that Marash, who has a few Emmys and the Dupont Award under his belt, didn’t leave Nightline amicably.

Some more good quotes/context on Marash’s decision:

    “There’s a lot of misinformation around about Al Jazeera,” said Marash, noting that contrary to a perception held by some, the network has never broadcast a beheading. “I think what irritates the Bush administration is that Al Jazeera is better sourced than anybody among America’s adversaries in the Middle East.”

    As an Arab network, he said, Al Jazeera “has the point of view of that culture.”

    The English-language Al Jazeera International, he said, will be “specifically global and diverse in its point of view.”

    “I am risking my good name, but I don’t think it’s a serious risk,” he said. “Everything I’ve heard from my employers is that what’s important to them is a nuanced, sophisticated version of the news, and that’s always what I’ve tried to do.”

If you listen carefully enough, you might be able to hear the sound of Al Jazeera’s world domination.