Manage And Share Grocery Shopping Lists With GroceryIQ

Unless you never cook a meal or never get the munchies, you or someone in your family inevitably has to make a trip to the grocery store. GroceryIQ is a combination of smartphone app and web service that makes it easy to create shopping lists and share them with family members.

Shopping lists can be created for specific stores, or for any store, and the process for adding items to the list is very straightforward. As you see in the screenshot, you tap the Plus button to open a search window in which you can type in the name of the product. After you type in the first three letters of the product, GroceryIQ auto suggests items that it thinks you are entering. If you are running GroceryIQ on an Android phone, you can use Android’s speech-to-text capability to enter items to the list.

GroceryIQ is provided by, which is a web site that provides product and store coupons, so it’s not a surprise that the GroceryIQ app has a Coupons section. In the Coupons section you will see a list of different coupons, at the time that I am testing the app I see 54 coupons, which you can have emailed to you.

To use the coupons, tap the coupon to “clip” or select it, then tap View Cart, where you can specify to have the coupons emailed to a specific address. The email message provides a link to print the coupon to take to the store. Hopefully some time in the future there will be a way to electronically transfer coupon information from smartphones to store cash registers.

You need to create a account, which you can do in the app, in order to share shopping lists. Sharing is done by sending an invitation email, which has a link to the shopping list on the web site. If you have multiple smartphones in your family, you can install the app on each of the phones and configure them to access the same account on, which provides direct access to your shopping lists.

The GroceryIQ is free and available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets. You will find the app in the respective app markets for those devices.