Mama’s got a Juicebox she wears on her chest and when Daddy comes home she never gets no rest…

Hm, or is that “Jukebox?” Gee, how am I to know? I’m just a wee little blogger making an offhand reference, not a marquee A-list magazine writer and author writing a 5,641-word cover story on a hit band of which I purport to be a huge fan, along with my 11-year old son.

Oh, wait a minute, this just in: bloggers are, in fact, real writers (thank you, Simon Dumenco), and according to New York magazine’s big feature on the Strokes last week, their song “Jukebox” “became the band’s first Billboard No. 1 single.” Let’s see, I’m a real writer, what does Google have to say? Aha! The definitive word, straight from Billboard (or Amazon or Juicebox.

Hear that, Jay McInerney? “Juicebox.” Not “Jukebox.” (Yes, I know you correctly identified it later on in the piece. But still. It was a cover story, and you were supposed to be the expert. It’s all right, two weeks ago I said that Bill O’Reilly was a lawyer, and he’s not. Just make the change online, note the correction, and make sure your 11-year old knows the difference so the kids won’t beat him up at school).

p.s. We also knew that the “willowy brunette named Juliet” you met was Casablancas’ wife (and previously longtime girlfriend). Just sayin’.
p.p.s. By the way, New York Press, you did it too. Fishbowl sees all.
p.p.p.s. The lyric above is actually from the song “Squeeze Box.” Anything for a Rolling Stones reference!