Make Sure Your Pitches Don’t Hit A Reporter’s Inbox Way After the Wire Release

We wrote yesterday about embargos, and whether or not they are an effective PR tactic. While some reporters disdain embargoed news, every reporter loves an exclusive, and none of them like receiving an email pitch hours after the news is public.

On this note, an editor writes in to PRNewser asking, “Can you explain why PR folks think it’s helpful to send a press release out to their press list at, say 3PM when the thing hit the wires first thing in the morning and then act like we wouldn’t have already seen it?”

It’s certainly a fair point. No reporter likes being left out of a news cycle, or even worse, hearing from a PR rep hours after the news has been made public. Next time you’re prepping an announcement, make sure to keep reporters in the loop beforehand, or at least notify them at the same time as when your press release hits the wires.