Make A Wish On Facebook

Wishes AppAryeh Goldsmith is pumping out applications like it’s his job. This application is a quick and easy way to put wishes on your profile. You can also view what wishes other people are making. I guess the intention of this application is to make a wish and it’ll bring good luck? Some of the wishes that other people made include “I wish I knew what I really wanted,” and, “I wish I could walk through walls.” Nora MacDonald wishes that she “wasn’t so damn horny.” Ok so maybe all the wishes aren’t that proper, but what did you expect on Facebook? I have a feeling that this application isn’t going to be as big as the Matches application that I previously covered. Conversely it is not a bad application to add when your application portfolio already includes 6 other applications and each application is highly scalable. At this rate, Aryeh will have a pretty large portfolio of Facebook applications in a couple months. If you want to make a wish with other facebook users, go grab the Wishes application.