Mags We Love: Edge

Mags We Love: Edge

Our second entry in the Mags We Love series is Edge, a gaming magazine published in the U.K.


Although gaming journalism is still relatively in its infancy, there are a couple of gaming magazines that acknowledge the fact that the average video game enthusiast is–depending on your source–somewhere between the ages of 25 and 30. Edge towers over them all by having a winning combination of adult-oriented content (actual articles, more issue-driven, industry/tech-heavy, etc.), and a smart, sophisticated design that fantastically balances serious and playful at the same time.

(pic from 4ColorRebellion)

Edge understands that video games are primarily a visual medium, and that gamers, despite occasionally stressing the value of gameplay over graphics, do place a high priority on aesthetics. The magazine, with its big, bright gaming graphics, is a feast for the eyes but nothing is ever lost or made secondary because everything is laid out in such a clear, crisp manner (a rare trait among most gaming publications). Its art direction is not only appealing aesthetically but also emotionally–games are meant to be fun, and the folks behind the magazine deftly incorporate a fun, playful approach into their sophisticated, modern style.

There are a couple of other publications we can think of that have come close to matching/besting Edge‘s design. Ziff-Davis’ GMR, led by art director Gerry Serrano and his fantastic covers, and Next Generation, another British magazine from the mid-90s that also combined adult-oriented gaming journalism and design (recently re-launched as an online mag). Unfortunately, both mags are no longer being published–a fate we sincerely hope Edge will avoid.

We strongly encourage you to check out Edge, whether you’re a gamer or not. It’s exclusively sold at most Barnes & Noble stores, but you may find a cheaper subscription offer online.

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