Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions Available for Kindle for Android: Magazine Prices Look More Reasonable Than iPad Editions

Magazine and newspaper subscriptions may be a hit or miss proposition on the iPhone and iPad. But, Android users can find over 100 magazines and newspapers available for digital subscription on through the Kindle for Android app.

Magazines and Newspapers on Kindle for Android

Magazine prices seem much more reasonable that the typical $4.99 price per issue found with the iPad magazine editions. The single issue prices below are based on a subscription basis.

Asimov’s Science Fiction: $2.99
The Atlantic: $1.99
Foreign Affairs: $1.99
Shape: $1.25
Newsweek: $2.99

Note that Newsweek’s iPad edition is priced at $2.99 per issue too and that it has a 24-week subscription for the iPad available for $14.99 (62.5 cents per issue).

Reading a newspaper or magazine on an Android phone doesn’t appeal to me. So, I’ll wait until I find and buy an Android tablet to test this feature out.