Magazine Launch Party Feels Just Like The Good Ol’ Days

Ken Wheaton attended a magazine launch party last night. “A real one,” he adds, as if we would doubt. (Oh wait, we would.)

This one had free booze, digeridoo players, and a capoeria performance. “For a brief second, I thought I caught a glimpse of rainbows, unicorns and vast revenue streams supported by advertising pages!”

The party was for Afar, a new travel magazine. It’s got a budget and advertisers and freelancers. (“In the first issue there are a few articles that seem to clock in at 4,000 words. WORDS! Remember when magazines used to use words, rather than shiny pictures, charticles and infographics?!”)

Sponsors donated all the food and booze, which looked like it would have cost enough to pay one editor for a year, Wheaton reports.

But really. A launch party? In this climate? Is that ‘green shoots’ or just hubris? Let’s hope it’s the former.

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