Magazine Hot List 1997: Highlights

Top 10 Hottest Magazines

1. People

2. Martha Stewart Living

3. Better Homes and Gardens

4. W

5. Wired

6. GQ

7. Entertainment Weekly

8. Travel + Leisure

9. SmartMoney

10. Town & Country

10 Up-and-Comers

1. InStyle

2. Vibe

3. Saveur

4. Worth

5. Family PC

6. Discover

7. Fitness

8. Garden Design

9. Family Life

10. Individual Investor

Out There: A partial listing of new magazines we’ve picked up on our radar

Digital Diner

High Concept: Party time in the new electronic universe

Published By: Metropolis Publications

Hometown: Redwood City, California

Cool Column: “The Way Out,” a mean spirited, tongue-in-cheek review of all things digital

The Competition: Content-oriented new media mags such as Ziff Davis’ Yahoo Internet Life and IDG’s The Web

Why It’ll Fly: “Digital entertainment isn’t on the fringe anymore,” says editor Andy Eddy.  “Digital Diner shines light on all elements of the electronic-entertainment universe, from music to film, from computer games to Internet developments.”

Jack Magazine

High Concept: Stop making sense

Published By: independent

Hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico; moving to L.A.

Cool Column: “UFO True Stories,” a reader forum featuring kooky revelations such as: “My grandpa’s private nurse is an alien.  I can tell because she wears red-striped socks, talks funny and carries a long wooden spoon in her pocket.”

The Competition: Wacky, youth-oriented regionals such as San Francisco’s Might and New Orleans’ Tribe

Why It’ll Fly: It’s got “cheap sensationalism, beautiful color saturated photography and other critters, useless advice, new dance steps and unforgettable ads,” according to the press kit.


High Concept: Real fashion for full figures

Published By: Pantheon Intl. and Lewit & Le Winter

Hometown: New York

Launched: February 1997

Cool Column: “Who’s News,” a roundup of designers with stylish, comfortable clothes in plus sizes

The Competition: All the best women’s fashion books

Why It’ll Fly: Women have learned that “you can be less than skinny and still be fashionable,” says an essayist in the premiere issue.  “You can eat Italian and wear Italian.”


High Concept: Homoerotic art, now for your coffee table

Published By: Alluvial Entertainment

Hometown: Los Angeles

Launched: November 1995

Cool Column: “Emerging Artists,” kinky…uh, essays from new artists

The Competition: PG-rated gay magazines such as Out and The Advocate

Why It’ll Fly: The expensive book (cover price $11.95) appeals not only to gay readers, says president Layne Derrick, but also to affluent readers interested in art, literature, and celebrities.


High Concept: Neo-feminism, Rockies style

Published By: independent

Hometown: Heber City, Utah

Launched: December 1995

Cool Column: “Vox Femini,” in which readers rant about life in a man’s world

The Competition: The bright surfer mag Wahine—neo-feminism, Long beach-style

Why It’ll Fly: “Young women in sports, art and music are seldom covered with the attitude and awareness that Wig presents,” says editor/publisher Kathleen Gasperini.  “Unlike many other women’s publications, we are the audience that we write about.”