Magazine Day Keynote: ‘We Need Revolution, Not Evolution’

magazine day.JPGAt 12th Annual New York Magazine Day — Magazines 3.0: Consumers, Content, and Connectivity, keynote speaker Carole Irgang tried to stay positive about the state of print magazine advertising. “The publishing industry is known for firsts,” the SVP of integrated communications at Kraft Foods told the assembled masses. “You were the first on-demand medium. The industry is a ‘firstmaker.’

Made-up words aside, the audience ate up her sunny outlook. “Print is a powerful medium and it’s here to stay,” she said to a rousing round of applause.

Stressing three keys — creative, digital and accountability — Irgang wondered if it was time to blow up the current model. “We need revolution, not evolution,” the executive said, doing her best to channel a certain would-be presidential candidate. She cited her own brands successful campaigns — this month’s Starbucks/Bon Appétit masthead and a Balance Bar/New Yorker collaboration — as good examples. Advertisers need to “surprise the reader,” she said, which to us non-ad kids sounds a little questionable. But hey, that why we aren’t paid the big bucks.

Before Irgang took the stage, Condé Nast president and CEO Tom Florio introduced a video tribute to his brother, Steve, who passed away in December. “Glory Days,” “Get Off of My Cloud” and Frank Sinatra all made prominent appearances in the fitting video.

But what about the Kelly Awards? And how was lunch?

The 27th Kelly Award nominees, honoring the best in print ads, were announced during an extremely intense video presentation. The winners will be given out at an online (read: cheap) ceremony on June 4. There will be animated hosts. Of course.