Every year, the American Magazine Conference — the annual pow-wow of magazine executives — has a theme. Last year it was “transformation.” We just received our invitation to this year’s conference, slated for October 28-30 in Boca Raton. The theme?

“Magabrand Revolution.”

What is “magabrand,” you ask? We’ll let the Magazine Publishers of America and conference chairman David Zinczenko explain:

A magabrand is … a magazine brand that expands into every media nook and cranny that exists today — newsstand, TV, radio, Web, e-newsletter, podcast, Webcast, cellcast, live event and maybe even a few that haven’t been invented yet. And that means wherever your readers, viewers and listeners go, they can find you, tap into you, build their commitment to you. It’s like the air they breathe — a sustaining presence everywhere they go.

Whether or not this latest catch-all will work remains to be seen. But, remember: this, of course, is the same organization that brought us “Captain Read,” the magazine superhero who visited ad agency offices last summer in the hopes of sparking renewed interest media buyers.

As AdAge‘s Nat Ives wrote, it didn’t “fly well.”


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