Madfinger Games brings mobile competitive shooter Shadowgun: Deadzone to Facebook


Mobile game developer Madfinger Games has temporarily left the world of mobile games, releasing its multiplayer action game Shadowgun: DeadZone on Facebook and PC. The Unity-powered Facebook application follows the success of Shadowgun: DeadZone on mobile, which has been downloaded almost 7 million times across iOS and Android.

Shadowgun: DeadZone features multiplayer third-person-shooter gameplay for up to 12 players across two different gameplay modes. Players can choose from 10 playable characters, and are then given access to an armory of 21 upgradeable weapons. Players also have access to a variety of extras, including medical packs, ammo kits, grenades, sentry guns and mines.

The Facebook and PC versions of Shadowgun: DeadZone feature seamless connectivity to the Android and iOS versions of the app, allowing players to enter into Deathmatch or Zone Control games with players across every platform. Mobile players can take their ranks and equipment with them onto the PC and vice versa. The game also supports nine different languages.

Players are given daily rewards and challenges to complete each time they login, like double XP matches that are only available as the first match of the day.

“We definitely don’t want to compete with AAA titles on PC, we are just looking for other ways to open up the multiplayer action to new players, especially those who don’t have an Android or iOS device,” said Madfinger Games CEO Merek Rabas, via a company release. “We hope that current mobile players will appreciate the fact that there are more ways in which they can enjoy their favorite mobile game.”’

Shadowgun: DeadZone is now available to play for free on PC and Facebook. The game is supported via microtransactions, including the purchase of new hats and skins. A Mac client will be released soon on the Mac App Store.