Mad Men Gets Meta: Roger Sterling to Publish Memoir

Spotted by our sister blog, Galley Cat, the show Mad Men is further dipping its toe into reality, as well as cashing in thanks to a helpful subplot, with the upcoming release of the book Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man, a fictional memoir penned by the show’s fictional character, Roger Sterling. Galley reports that the book is to be 176-pages, priced at $16.95, and, to prove it’s an honest to goodness book, wrapped in a cloth cover. Will it sell? To that certain subset of rabid Man Men devotees, surely. But wherever there are aunts, uncles, parents who remember that one time you mentioned liking that show, or last minute gifts for people who work in anything close to the advertising business, it will sell like Sterling himself had put together the campaign for it. The only thing that really gets us about any of this silliness is the truly horrible cover. We’ll be cool with it if that wrap around the bottom turns out to be a removable insert used to move units, but if not, our eyes are going to scream every time we have to see this at the bookstore this holiday season.