Macworld: A Wish List for iPhone Apps

In preparation for Apple’s impending press conference on Thursday, when its expected to unveil (finally!) the iPhone SDK, the Macworld staff put together a wish list of “25 native iPhone apps we hope to see.”


The SDK will open the iPhone for third-party developers to create applications for the handset, so some of the Macworld editors who also happen to be iPhone users were charged with coming up with a list of programs they want now. The list is made up of “software that third-party developers should be able to create, not basic features such as copy-and-paste that Apple should include on all iPhones,” according to the article. These apps range from an AIM client, which tops the list, to VoIP, a better calculator and an Amazon Kindle reader. Click here to get to the article for the complete list and the reasons why the editors think these apps are essential.