Lushes…The Lot Of You

martini.jpgLook, we know that journalism is hard. The long hours, the stress, the deadlines, the difficult sources, the ability to fill six televisions with content (simultaneously!),the need to find poignant haikus to fill your website.

But turning to the bottle? On the job? Tsk, tsk…

According to a new study out of the University of Buffalo, those in the media are some of the biggest on-the-job drinkers (of course, we suspect that UB’s professors pass the long, cold winters by doing some drinking of their own in between their morning Sociology Class and their afternoon freshman seminar…):

    Young, single men are tied most often to workplace-related drinking, especially managers, salespeople, restaurant workers and those in the media, according to the findings by the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions.

Of course, some of you may just be following the latest trend and embellishing your drinking stories. Hell, it might even land you on Oprah.

So you: Yeah, you, sitting at the bar at Olives, Rumors, Lounge 201, Stetsons, the Palm, the Post Pub, Stoneys (R.I.P.), get back to work.

No? Oh fine, we’ll toss one more back with you before we hit the road. Deadlines aren’t for a few more hours anyway.