Lunch: Katie Couric & The Fashion Flock



You’d think all the fabulous fashionistas would have fled Gotham by now (they’ve got to rest up for Fashion Week which is just around the corner). Nothing doing: The style mavens and social swans that populate the front row of those shows you can never get into were out in force today at Michael’s. Katie Couric breezed in looking chicer than ever although she couldn’t tell me whose dress she was wearing. She let me peek at the label — it was Brian Reyes. “My daughter told me about his sample sale,” says Couric. But it’s not all summer fun for the CBS Evening News anchor. She’s off to the conventions soon and promises lots of “cool things.” Says Couric: “We’ve got a lot of great new things planned — podcasts and things on the Web. I think there’s a press release going out today.” Right you are, Katie, and TVNewser has it.

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd:

1. Hallmark honcho Henry Schleiff hosting a Court TV reunion with Hallmark staffer and Court TV alums Jennifer Geisser, Yvette Harrison and Rochelle Dire who just landed a new gig at Lime Wire.

2. Michael Hirshorn and two pals.

3. Charles Koppelman and Martha Stewart Living’s new co-president Robin Marino

4. Glamour‘s Cindi Leive (who looked tres chic with her short ‘do and killer Louboutins) and Katie Couric.

5. Laurie Tisch

6. Becca Cason Thrash, Cece Cord, Blaine Trump and a distinguished gent we didn’t recognize

7. Beverly Cahme and Susan Tabak who was nice enough to give me a copy of her new book Chic in Paris. Turns out Susan is the resource for couture and all things French. Beverly, who is always a fountain of information, tells me she’s headed to the Democratic Convention and hopes to get Lily Tomlin to perform at a gathering of key politicos. God knows she’s got enough material…

8. Three impeccably dressed folks that looked to be having a grand time…

9. Paulette Garafolo

11. Francine LeFrak

12. Judy Price

14. Charlie Allen

15. Michael Lewittes and Courtney Dolan

16. Nick Verbitsky and Jim Higgins

17. Lifetime president and CEO Andrea Wong

18. Ed Victor

20. Lynn Goldberg

21. Quest‘s Chris Meigher

22. A duo of publishing powerhouses: Ellen Archer and Beth Gebhard

23. Rob Manning of Baker Capital, so we’re told…

24. Nick E. Rubinstein looking dapper in his summer linens (“But it feels like October!”)

26. Steven Wise

27. Elle‘s creative director and my new pal Joe Zee with Erin Kaplan and Portfolio‘s Jeff Bercovici. Don’t miss the premiere of Joe’s new reality show “Stylista” — okay, he’s not the star, but he’s sure to make a big splash — coming to the CW in October.

28. Origins’ Susan Akkad

29. Sandra Ourasoff of Opera News

I’ll be having ‘Lunch’ in Maine for the next two weeks. See you back at Michael’s after Labor Day!

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