Lunch at Michael’s: tables packed today

It was super-crowded. They were squishing them into the front room. Don’t know what was so fascinating up there (okay, maybe cute Andy Cuomo). So, we’ll tell you one other fun thing we learned. Loreal‘s replacements (it took two to replace her!), AKA the Two Pixie Hostesses at the front of the restaurant, are Gina Addamo and Joana Andrade. They are both single and looking (all you single guys). Speaking of single, can you guess what Eligible Bachelor* from Gotham‘s Top 100 Eligible Bachelors was at M’s today? Here, the report:

[Please do not castigate us for misspellings, mis-identifications, etc. We have no fact-checker. Just send corrections to: LaurelT at mediabistro dot com. Thanks!]

Table 1: Big table. Lots of publishing types sitting with politicos. Do we smell a Political Thriller?
Jane Freedman, Harper Collins
Claire Wachtel, William Morrow
Bob Barnett, power attorney (for Clinton, among others)
Elizabeth Edwards, wife of vp hopeful John Edwards
Michael Morrison, Harper Collins

There was one other youngish guy whom we don’t know, who could have been Edwards‘ personal assistant or something.

2: Peter Brown, Brown Lloyd James and someone else. Talk to us, Peter! You don’t even know we exist, do you? We won’t bold-face you, that’ll show ya.

3: Neil Nyron, eic Putnam, with someone we couldn’t identify. Maybe Esther Newburg, ICM Lit Agent?

4: Leonard Lauder, eating chicken goat cheese salad, with gentleman in steel grey suit and hot pink tie, pink shirt.

5: Jack Kliger, big shot at Hachette, in a red Hermes tie with zebras; with “Hot Scott” (Donaton), Advertising Age, in dark suit, blue shirt to match his eyes.

6: Our table. We were with the always-delightful Lisa Dallos, of Freud PR, G. Jason Kontos, eic of this magazine, New York Home (brand spanking new, 100k circ, but that’s a start. Watch out Arch Di), and Maury Rogoff, president of Maury Rogoff PR & Marketing.


7: George Malkemus, of Manolo Blahnik with gal with long blonde hair.

8: Two guys one woman. One of the fellas was Jerry Byrne, formerly of Variety.

11: Andrew Cuomo in a dark pin-striped suit with a truly spectacular blue-and-white diagonally-striped tie (could someone please ID the make of that tie?), a gorgeous watch. Oh, and he was with someone. George Rush! with trademark wild hair, in a light grey suit, blue shirt and tie.

12: Movie Producer Stuart Rekant (Hidden Treasures) with 3 fellows we didn’t know. All wore very dark suits, white, blue and green shirts. All had black or red ties. It was quite the uniform bunch.

16: The opposite of uniformity, this gaggle of gals was a besmattering of colors, patterns, textures and styles. We have no idea who they were. Except for two: Pamela Keogh and Cathy O’Brien. [A little birdie wrote in to tell us who was at the table: Pamela’s sister-in-law, Terri Keogh (developing big real estate project in Ocala Florida), Liz Aiello (former managing editor at Channel 7, just left to raise her two young twins), Sherrill Canet (amazing interior designer, just got licensing deal from Stark), and Cathy O’Brien.]

14: Alice Mayhew, editor at Simon & Schuster, with a young woman in a pink frilly blouse.

15: David Hirshey, of Harper Collins, in a brown suit and checked shirt, dining with PW‘s Sara Nelson. The book on their table (we kid you not): “You are so not invited to my Bat Mitzvah” Catchy title!

17: The original founder of Worth, W. Randall Jones, with Caroline Waxler, who recently joined TV Guide Networks as a development producer. (We have to add: Waxler is a fantastic host, appearing in the boa at some of’s New York soirees.)

19: Jon Fine, Business Week’s mediacentric columnist, was wearing Paul Smith. He was dining with a high-level exec at the Siemens Foundation, John D. Bergen.

18: Henry Schleiff, Court TV honcho, with another guy and a gal with shiny auburn hair.

20: Helen O’Hagen (sp?), who looked awfully funky in her foam of white hair, peach suit and Lennon-esque red eye glasses, dining with a white-haired man in plaid suit.

21: Peter O. Price, of NATAS. Peter, no bold face until you tell us who you were with.

22: Walter Sabo, of Sirius radio. A little birdie later wrote: “[Sabo]was eating with Jessica Ettinger, an anchor woman on WINS Radio, star of Sirius radio and a person featured in Bloomberg’s autobio. She’s also the voice of the 4-5-6 train PA system! Sabo is a media consultant—in content. One of his clients is Sirius. Others include PARADE magazine and a lot of radio stations across the country.” There you have it. Record corrected.

By the way, at table 16 was Liz Aiello former asst new director of channel 7 married to channel 2 reporter Tony Aiello.

23: ??

24: Charles Schueler, Cablevision

25: Lucy Danziger, eic of Self, who proudly discussed the new “Self Center” (love the name!), and showed off the November cover. You read it here: Tyra Banks in an acqua-blue beaded halter top. She was dining with Michele Shapiro, entertainment director of Self and Leslie “Story Killer” Sloane (who reps Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, among other celebs), who blithely announced that she had no idea what was. “I’m honest,” she stated matter-of-factly. We like that in our celeb publicists. Hope you’re reading this!

26: *Stephen Rubenstein, in a pink shirt, pink and purple diagonally-striped tie. He wouldn’t tell us what the make of his suit was until we threatened to report that it was Gap. Then, he quickly jumped in with “Prada. I’m in Prada.” He’s so cute. He’s the Gotham guy, by the way. He was dining with Joanna Jordan, Central Talent Booking, in Gap, er J. Crew (and proud of it).

27: Eli Jacobs, of Essex. We hear he’s a corporate raider. With a posse of eight other very high-powered Wall Street types.

28: Us Weekly eic Janice Min, with Ad Age‘s Nat Ives in a red-white-and-blue checked shirt.

29: American Media’s (AMI) Senior VP Corporate Communications Stuart Zakim with Amy Galleazzi, executive director of corporate communications at AMI.

Back Room:
Leslie Stevens, of Laforce & Stevens, with Orin Wilf, real estate developer and Julie Satow, real estate reporter at Crain‘s.

Keith Kelly with Bob Guccione Jr.

We like Drew Marvel at SBC Global. He’s a nice fellow. He writes us:
“Table 31 in the back room: executive search consultant David Moyer of Moyer, Sherwood Associates.

Middle of the room, not sure what table #, was someone who looked a lot like Diane Keeton — think she’s a New Yorker editor. Named Susan?”

IF you were at Michael’s today (or any day) and would like to report in, or correct the record, please email LaurelT AT

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