Lunch at Michael’s: Blood! Explosions! Dueling Weathermen!

lunch_at_michaels_logo.jpgPerhaps it was the nice weather. Or maybe a hangover from the Time 100 party last night. Today’s media lunch at 55th & Fifth was relatively full, but lacked the star power of lunches past (no heads of state nor Penelope Cruzes to report). There was, however, some excitement near our perch at the bar, as a bottle of Pellegrino spontaneously exploded, bloodying the bartender’s hand. After returning from a brief trip to the DL, a lawyer at the bar quipped, “Michael, say hello to your new owner.”

The lineup card:

Table 1. Peter Brown and four guests, including a stunner of a blonde.

2. John Tisch.

3. Webby Award chairman Gerry Byrne in a Webby-ready casual suit, and Katherine Oliver.

4. Allen & Co. fortune heit Terry Kramer and Margo McNabb. Stilettos!

5. Bob Friedman and Stanley Jaffe.

6. Steve Cohen and CBS weather dude Dave Price, who wore sunglasses (hopefully prescription) for the majority of the meal and dropped a purple pen that was quickly returned by Michael’s staff. Sitting at the adjacent table? Al Roker, Price’s nemesis.

7. Socialite L. Marilyn Crawford.

8. David Patrick Columbia and guest.

9. Bright Lights, Big City producer Beverly Camhe.

11. Peter Price.

12. Former 60 Minutes producer Mary Murphy, brother Patrick Murphy (VP of NYCED) lunching with powerhouse PR woman Lisa Linden.Lots of cackling at this table.

14. Al Roker and tall, goateed gentleman, likely from NBC. Roker said hi to Price as Price got up to leave. Weather foes make nice.

15. Don Welsh and protegé Jake Hill.

15. Marie Claire publisher Susan Plagemann.

17. Pamela Clarke Keogh, who last week celebrated her Dad’s birthday at Michael’s, and unidentified guest.

18. Trident Media Group literary agent Paul Fedorko and Carol Something-Or-Other.

19. Flowers blocked our view from the bar.

20. Not terribly sure.

21. Playboy‘s jeans-clad Chris Napolitano and a swanky male guest whose wide-collared flower-print and suit was Playboy Mansion-certified. UPDATE: That’s Aaron Sigmond, creative and editorial director of Trump magazine, founder of Smoke. Sigmond says: “Thanks for the nice compliment about the swanky attire.”

22. Civilians — and Robbie Myers, editor-in-chief of Elle.

23. Mitch Oscar, EVP, Carat Digital.

24. Nick Rubenstein.

26. Simon & Schuster CEO Jack Romanos.

27. Not sure.

Back room: Civilians!

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