Lunch at Michael’s: Al Roker, Katie Joel and A Special Birthday Celebration

Lunch at Michael's: Al Roker, Katie Joel and A Special Birthday Celebration

lunch_at_michaels_logo.jpgNo doubt by attending the Michael’s Media Jamboree on a Thursday — due to flu and flood, a day later than’s customary weekly report on the media bigwigs who lunch — things were bound to be a little off-kilter. But as the slightly-less-than-packed crowd prepared for their cookie plates and cappuccinos, manager Steve Millington rushed over to Table One and began to … sing?! For the record, your humble correspondent (that would be GalleyCat‘s Sarah Weinman, filling in for the usual suspects) thought his rendition of “Happy Birthday” passed muster, but our bar companions stared agog at the proceedings. “Steve singing? It’s time to go!” But before that happened, Millington got a fierce bear hug from NBC weatherman extraordinaire Al Roker, trailed by a very purple, very pregnant Vanessa Haydon Trump. And if there are more questions marks and misspellings than usual, it reflects your correspondent’s woeful ability to correlate faces and names.

Here’s the rundown:

1. The birthday group, including Brooke Duchin, Tom Fallon, Bill Rondina, Giovanni LoFaro, and Alex H, all there to fete Alex “The Weasel” Hitz (who seemed to like his nickname enough when Millington used it in the birthday song).

2. Patrick Murphy and Joan Jakobson.

3. Pat Altschul, Katie Lee Joel (consistently animated with laughter) and other unidentified guests.

4. Barry Diller in full media mogul mode with an unidentified blond gentleman.

5. “Some actress,” which isn’t terribly helpful, I know.

6. Steve Mosko, president of Sony Pictures Television and friends.

7. Manolo Blahnik’s George Malkemus with editor Candy Pratts Price.

8. New York Social Diary‘s David Patrick Columbia at his customary table, with PR exec Debra Davis and her new client Vincent Licari who had his first Fashion Week show the day before.

9. Financial TimesChrystia Freeland and guest.

10. Empty.

11. NBC’s Jonathan Wald and Estee Lauder’s executive vice president of global communications Sally Susman.

12. Jolene Hent and Sherry R.

14. Simon & Schuster editrix Alice Mayhew with Katie Mead.

15. Michael J. Wolff and Tracey, last name unknown.

16. Nicholas Verbinski.

17. ??

18. Fred Schuman and Stanley Schuman.

19. Marianne Gilbranson and guest.

20. Miramax/Weinstein Books president Rob Weisbach with Susan Cheever.

21. Chris Meigher with Quest managing editor Victor Wishna.

22. ?

23. Walter Sabo.

24. Susan Aarons.

25. John Morgan.

26. ?

27. Mr. Roker & Mrs. Trump.

28. Our vantage point didn’t allow us to see who was sitting here.

29. Ditto.

30. Ditto redux.

Also spotted: Public relations maven Richard Rubenstein.

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