Lunch at Michael’s: A rainy dreary day

It’s rainy out and yucky, so we’ll be brief. Many of the media luminaries were hiding in their lairs today anyway and not at Michael’s poking around in their Cobbs. Here’s who was there:

Table 1: Plastic surgeon to the stars Gerald Imber and his usual bunch of guys (Jerry Della Femina in bright orange, Joel Klein, John Griffith), with one addition: CNN’s Jeff Greenfield, fresh in from DC?

2: Peter Brown of Brown Lloyd James, with colleague Michael Holtzman (sp?).

3: Holly Peterson with someone…

4: Dear Dominick Dunne, with two gents.

5: Randall Jones with Russ Baker (who came up with the original idea for the parties). Looking dashing today, Russ! And, you too, Randall. Love the checked shirts. Did you guys plan to wear the same check pattern, or what?

6: NATAS’ Peter O. Price with a mysterious bevy of suited fellows, probably television producers. Just what were you hatching up over there?

7: Former 60 Minutes producer Mary Murphy with her brother, Patrick Murphy.

8: New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia with Mona Ackerman, a delightful-looking woman who is apparently Richard Cohen‘s significant other.

9: Will Schenk, Men’s Journal.

10: doesn’t exist.

11: George Green

12: Jack Myers of the eponymous Media Business Report and with Marshall Cohen

13: n’existe pas (gotta practice one’s French occasionally!)

14: Stan and Fred Shuman. Big media money, Stan’s at Allen & Co.

15: David Hirshey, obviously scheming about the Blank book (which spoofs Blink) that was resting on his table. He was joined by Harper Collins marketing woman Kathy Schneider.

16: Hollywood producer and hot shot Vincent Roberti, in a robin’s egg blue tie, with his rebbe. It was the rebbe’s birthday.

17: Don Welsh, looking leonine.

21: Carlos Lopes, a Bel-Air hotelier, with Peter ?

22: Three women, two in black. They spent quite some time discussing nannies.

23: David Adler, ceo of, which is expanding to Los Angeles. With a guy in a red horizontally-striped tie, taking a lot of notes.

24: don’t know

25: Very LA-looking entertainment lawyer, Oren Snyder (sp?). Close-cropped (practically shaved) hair, small wire-rimmed glasses, think red tie, red pin stripes on grey suit (subtle!) and a bigger-than-life personality. He was with another guy who we barely noticed. One thing he brought up was that impressive article on the front page of the Journal this week about CEO Depression.

26: Jonathan Capehart with a guy in a trellis-patterned tie.

27: Jordan Ringel with another fellow.

28: We were at this table, with Garrett Graff, one of our bloggers! He was a Michael’s virgin.

29: Guy in a way crazy harlequin-patchwork tie, shades of purple and blue.

Report from a birdie:
“Waiting for our coats, the ad man [Della Femina] was standing next to someone who looked like Andy Grove (Intel). Not sure if it was him, or if they were at the same table. Lots of people there despite the rain and wind. By the time we left, it was gorgeous outside.]

Back Room:
Ad Age‘s very dashing brit, Jonah Bloom, in a tres casual blue sweater. He was with Richard Beavan, some hot shot at media buying agency MediaVast.

David S. Moyer, Moyer, Sherwood Associates, Inc.

IF you were at Michael’s today (or any day) and would like to report in, or correct the record, please email LaurelT AT

Map of Michael’s