Lunch: Anna Wintour & Coming Soon — The Rolling Stones!



We’re guessing that spring break with the kiddies kept more than a few bold face names we’ve become accustomed to seeing away from 55th and Fifth today. Luckily, some of our favorite regulars were on hand — along with the first ever (at least since I’ve been at my perch) Wednesday Anna Wintour sighting — kept us more than interested in the goings on in the dining room. But, we hear, the really big doings will be taking place this Sunday night when The Rolling Stones are coming to party with Martin Scorsese, who directed the documentary Shine A Light about the iconic rockers. If you haven’t gotten your invite, it probably just got lost in the mail…

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd:

1. Frank Gifford and his charming daughter Cassidy enjoying a pre-theater lunch before seeing The Little Mermaid (again!). I’d met Cassidy once before when mom Kathie Lee Gifford brought the incredibly well-mannered 14-year-old to Michael’s this summer. Today, father and daughter dined alone (she sipped a Shirley Temple while he flipped through what looked like a Tiffany’s catalog!) On the way out when they stopped by to say ‘Hello,’ I asked Frank when there would be word of Kathie Lee’s all but imminent arrival at Today. Putting his hands up in mock protest, he turned to his daughter and said, “Diane wants me to talk about things I can’t talk about.” But Frank, you know I’d never tell anyone …

2. William Morris’ Wayne Kabak and a pal.

3. “Mayor” Joe Armstrong, who was nice enough to introduce me to guest, longtime pal and fellow Texan Sarah Gray Miller. The dynamic duo worked together when Joe was the founding publisher of Garden Design and Saveur and Sarah, now editor-in-chief of Oprah’s O At Home, was a media maven in training. Mr. Mayor, who knows everyone, lunched yesterday at Michael’s (where else?) with another one of his favorite Texans Lance Armstrong. He said the two of them spent part of the afternoon dishing over the stunning reports that Dick Cheney is a “distant cousin” of Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie are branches on the same family tree. Perhaps, says Joe, he and Lance are related to jazz great Louis Armstrong. To commemorate their possible kinship, the Mayor presented Lance with a mini statue of their may be ancestor. Between bites of his burger, Lance howled with laughter. “We love to laugh,” says Joe who is off to Texas to visit his mom Dorthadele. See you when you get back!

4. Über agent Ed Victor (looking quite literary in a black turtleneck and jacket) with Alan Grubman.

5. Vogue editrix Anna Wintour wearing — you guessed it! Prada — dining with Blaine Trump.

6. Phil Miller, Mickey Ateyeh and a gent we didn’t recognize.

7. Jason Binn with hotelier Jason Pomerantz. When I stopped by the table for a chat, the tireless CEO and founder of Niche Media told me that he and Mr. Pomerantz were chatting about all things Chicago. The media magnate who has smartly cornered the market on glossy, compulsively readable city-centric magazines, is launching Michigan Avenue in the fall and Mr. Pomerantz, whose properties including chic retreats in New York (60 Thompson) and Los Angeles is looking to expand into the windy city. Look out Oprah!

8. New York Social Diary‘s David Patrick Columbia with Carol Joynt and a young lad, who we’re told, was her son, Spencer, out of school for spring break.

9. John Josephson and Moishe Kaufman.

12. Glamour editrix Cindi Leive and her deputy editor Wendy Naugle, with NARAL Pro Choice New York’s Kelli Conlon.

14. Jeff Stewart (He’s Jonathan Tish‘s “right hand man” in case you didn’t know) and Don Epstein.

15. HarperCollins’ David Hirshey with two ‘mystery brunettes’ (his description, not mine). When I asked David if he was dutifully adhering to the “no expense account lunches” company edict recently reported by the New York Observer quipped: “Yes, this lunch is going on my personal card. I can’t wait until April 1.”

16. Lynn Goldberg.

17. Gerry Byrne.

18. Bob Barnett.

20. Public relations princess Elizabeth Harrison and an unidentified man.

21. Quest‘s Chris Meigher with, we’re told, “his accountant.”

23. Pamela Van Zandt.

25. Steve Greenberg.

26. Stuart Rekant.

27. Jim Mitchell with two pals.

28. Wenner Media’s Gary Armstrong.

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