Luke on “Today”


Luke Russert took to the “Today” show and spoke about his father, Tim, with host Matt Lauer. Some highlights:

“I’m hanging in there, taking it day by day, but the support from everybody from the NBC family and the general public … has been unbelievable. My mother and I are so grateful and are holding up as best as can be.”

  • On Big Russ (Tim’s father): “I spoke to him yesterday. I think he realized what happened. He’s extremely sad. … He said: ‘[Tim] was like the pitcher and you were the catcher and I was the umpire and we lost our pitcher.’ … I think he’s holding up okay.”

  • “I spoke to [Tim] at least two or three times a day. … There was always a lot of love from him. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t know my father loved me.”

  • “I’d always joke that my dad would want to hang out and drink beers with my buddies than go to a big state dinner.”

  • “The thing he cared about was everybody else’s kids.”

  • “Boy did he like those tailgates. … He used to fly in buffalo wings from Buffalo because people in Boston didn’t ‘do a good wing.'”

  • “I really believe he saw his job as the questioner for the American people.”

  • On his parents: “It was a partnership and marriage based on intelligence and intellect. … My mom’s favorite quote is that she took a bland Buffalo boy and turned him into a Washington pol.”

  • On Springsteen’s tribute: “Of all the tributes, that’s probably the one my dad would like the most up in Heaven… You can’t do much better than getting ‘Thunder Road’ sung to you, right?”

    Also, you may have missed this special moment yesterday: After “Meet the Press” was done filming, Luke went over to his father’s chair for a private moment of reflection:



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