Luke Hartig Joins National Journal to Head Up New Initiative

The former NSC senior director will lead the Network Science Initiative.

Luke Hartig, a former senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council, will head up the Network Science Initiative, a new program for the now paywalled organization.

As executive director, Hartig will oversee a program that seeks to analyze and map out the connections among different organizations that influence how leaders arrive at decisions or introduce new policies.

Network science is a relatively new academic discipline that has grown out of digital advances in data collection, which allow for more sophisticated analysis through different digital techniques.

Having an expert of Luke’s caliber join our team to lead the Network Science Initiative will continue to elevate the high caliber insights delivered by National Journal,” said National Journal president and publisher Poppy MacDonald of the new hire. “Luke’s unique experience combines a deep understanding of the application of network science with a strong knowledge of how Washington works, which will pay immediate dividends.”