LuckyCal Makes You One Lucky Traveler

LuckyCal is the business traveler’s guide to getting lucky. You know, for landing sales deals and stuff. At least that’s what it was designed to do. For those business travelers that need to make a trip to a far away city, what better use of time than to find others in the area that may be available for a meeting as well? More meetings, more sales, and more savings for which your manager can take the credit.

LuckyCal is the tool that lets you keep track of the proximity of your colleagues and friends. Similar to Dopplr and TripIt, you can share your travel plans with others so that you can schedule a time to meet up with those that are in the same town as you–at the same time. LuckyCal works by syncing with your Google calendar, iCal and Outlook, so that there’s little manual work you need to do within LuckyCal, outside of adding contacts.

With the LuckyCal Facebook application, the process of adding contacts is somewhat easier, though a portion of it is still manual, as the act of sharing travel plans in a semi-automated fashion is a very permision-based feature. A fbFund round 1 winner, LuckyCal reveals its public beta today. While the direct meeting-planning tools aren’t quite as extensive as some other dedicated calendar-sharing networks, LuckyCal is off to a great start.

What I particularly like about its Facebook application, aside from making it easier to find and add contacts, is its potential to leverage other native Facebook applications that can be layered into this social meeting tool, such as events, birthdays, or local activities based on your profile interests. This expansion would also minimize the need to connect with others in order toutilize LuckyCal as a recommendation tool instead of just a social calendar.

But this potential isn’t limited to native Face book apps. LuckyCal already allows you to sync your iTunes with its service, moving beyond the business use of LuckyCal to recreational. By knowing what artists you’re interested in, LuckyCal can tell you if there are any of your favorites bands playing in New York while you’re in town visiting. Such recommendations can be extended to a number of different desktop and web-based applications, all of which could fit into LuckyCal, even when you’re not traveling.