Lots of Outreach on Debt Ceiling Talk, But Still No Resolution

Photo: Saul Loeb, AFP, Getty Images

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney used today’s press briefing to denounce the GOP for its latest budget plan, which he said “becomes less and less bipartisan, more and more partisan.” On the other hand, the President’s comments today express confidence in the ability for this issue to resolve itself, a tone of optimism that The Hill says wasn’t there a week ago.

At this point, the White House and Congressional leaders are appealing to anyone and everyone (including each other) in thus-far futile attempts at ending the debt-ceiling stalemate.

In a previous story, The Hill wrote that the President and his team were engaging in a full-on PR assault by making Obama constantly visible before the TV cameras and engaging with the American people. People have taken up the President call and continue to jam up the phone lines at the House of Representatives. He’s also called on people to email and tweet Republicans with their concerns.

On the other hand, the latest version of House Speaker John Boehner’s budget proposal, which includes a balanced-budget amendment that is sure to get shot down in Congress, is being framed as an attempt to further appeal to conservatives specifically.

Certainly each side wants to get constituents on their side, but really, I speak for all the frustrated people in the world when I say we’ll gladly take a couple of days of no communication in exchange for a sound solution. The latest news is the House will take a vote on Speaker Boehner’s budget this evening.