Lots of Books on Facebook

iRead logoI’ve checked out countless applications related to books and reviewed a couple. Most of the applications have the same features but one of them has been extremely successful. The iRead application has over 110,000 users and it looks like growth has started to peak. Perhaps that’s why they reached out to me to write a review. As a duty to my readers I have to be honest and honest I will be. I have checked out tons of books applications and literally each one seems to be a carbon copy of the next. Each application allows you to display all of your books in your library and the books that you would like to read. iBook is a little different in that it allows users to also post reviews about each book. Aside from that it seems to be a carbon copy of each of the others. I have to credit them though with being one of the original book applications. This may be the primary reason that the application has been so successful. iRead has some pretty impressive statistics:

  • Almost 20 percent of the users have added Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to their books
  • Over 2 million books have been added by the application users
  • On average, iReaders spend 22 minutes per session on iRead (I’m not sure where they came up with this statistic given that Google Analytics were only added to Facebook applications a couple of days ago)
  • More than 40,000 unique book reviews written by over 13,000 unique iReaders

Aside from the impressive statistics I am not that impressed by the application. Once Amazon launches complete Facebook integration, I don’t see any of the book applications holding up. The only opportunity that I see with books currently is an automatic book swapper. Today’s free application idea brought to you by Nick O’Neill! Imagine if at the end of each semester, college students could automatically view users that have the books that they need and want the books that they have. Additionally, if they don’t want to swap their book they can find the estimated amount that they will receive for selling their book on the internet. If you love books and are willing to settle for the existing application offerings, check out the iRead application. It is one of the better book offerings currently.