‘Lost’ Producers Promise Interesting Mobisodes, Better Ending Than ‘Sopranos’

lost.jpgAccording to Hollywood Reporter, there will be a series of “Lost” mobisodes that feature the entire cast. The shows are scheduled to launch first on Verizon Wireless, and then later on ABC.com.

Carlton Cuse, one of the two “Lost” creators, said that the mobisodes will run about 90 seconds each and will give viewers extra information they normally wouldn’t get from the TV shows. Damon Lindelof said the negotiations for the talent took a long time, but they wanted to make sure that all of them were involved in the mobisodes, according to the report.

“Nobody wanted to see two people sitting on a beach that we’ve never heard of talking and saying, ‘Hey, did you hear what Jack and Kate did today?’ You want to see Jack and Kate. It’s taken us three years to get those deals in place,” Lindelof said in the article.

As for the TV series finale itself, Cuse said that “We will not be ending with a blackout,” in a reference to the recent, murky “Sopranos” ending.

‘Lost’ producers: We won’t end like ‘Sopranos’ [Hollywood Reporter via CNN]