Finding Sanctuary with the Laker Girls

With the 2010-2011 NBA season quickly going to hell in a Nike hand basket for the Los Angeles Lakers, there is really only one place left to turn on the sports pages of That would be the website’s weekly series of profiles of some of the team’s famous cheerleaders.

Over the weekend, the Laker Girls series clocked in with its fifth ray of sunshine in the form of Oceanside native Melissa (pictured). Here, questions about game plans mercifully give way to queries about personal hobbies.

Other than dancing, I love to read! It may sound dorky, but I love Harry Potter!! I am re-reading the last book in the series before watching the final movie. Other hobbies I have are….. going to the beach, kick boxing and spending time with my family & friends.

Reader comments to the piece quickly go off-track and return to the out-of-control deathly hallows panic about the purple and gold’s current slump. But stick to the top half of the page and it’s like early December all over again.