Looting the Old Gray Lady


Sure, you try breaking in to the old New York Times building and rifling through the debris, plucking what you will to drag back to your soiled lair. We’re pretty sure you’d get arrested. Not so for “architecturologist” Kevin Browne, whose company Olde Good Things (fabulous name) salvages noteworthy items from recently abandoned structures. So goes Nick Paumgarten‘s story in the New Yorker:

In the front lobby, Browne, a man with a Tommy Chong beard and a loping stride, put on a hard hat and led the way up some stairs to a vast newsroom. “You see anything you like, you can have it,” he said. There wasn’t much to like, just drifts of paper and trash: computer disks, laser printouts of war photographs, a sci-fi paperback (“Earth: Final Conflict–The Arrival”), a lei. Browne spoke into a walkie-talkie. “Junior, those glass doors to the newsroom that said ‘New York Times’–they gone?” Junior assured him that they were not. “If it says ‘New York Times’ on it, it has value,” Browne said.