Looks like Novell’s MonoTouch C#/.Net Framework Port for the iPhone is Strictly Business Focused

I mentioned Novell’s MonoTouch yesterday which ports the Open Source Mono Project that lets developers build iPhone apps using the C# programming language with Microsoft’s .Net Framework…


Based on Novell’s MonoTouch pricing…

$399 – Personal Edition
$999 – Enterprise (1 license)
$3999 – Enterprise (5 licenses)

…it is clearly aimed at current Microsoft Windows developers who want to quickly port existing applications to the iPhone. I can’t imagine developers switching from Objective-C and Cocoa Touch to MonoTouch mostly because of the price, but also because it adds an additional layer of abstraction to potentially slow down and bloat up apps.

My guess is that a good percentage of Windows apps ported to the iPhone using MonoTouch will have an odd Windows-like user interface look. However, my other guess is most of us will never see these apps which will probably remain in vertical enterprise spaces.