Look Up

Look Up


I’ve got street art on the brain at the moment because of a few gallery related projects I’m working on.

I have a much longer post in me about street art in general, and the artists I am working with right now: Swoon and Downey + Darius Jones. These artists are doing some of the most interesting work around these days, and a lot of it is subtle: if you catch it, it’s bound to make you smile.

My first opportunity to work with these artists was for a show nearly two years ago called Made in New York. It was a summer group show, and it was the third show I’d ever done and it was conceived and planned on a very short timeline. Those factors combined meant that not very many people saw it, which is a shame. (The photograph below gives a small taste of what it was like.)

Street art is being feverishly documented by sites like The Wooster Collective and group photo logs like the one for for Swoon on Fotolog. But documentation can’t compare to seeing it in person. So be sure to look closely, and look up. It’s all around you.