Long Live The Neocons!

From a gala-packed evening in D.C. last night, Wonkgirl has a report from last night’s Weekly Standard party. With no less than six major events across Washington last night, it’s a wonder that any party was able to attract anyone. Yet even as CNN’s Jon Klein and David Bohrman, Capitol File’s Jason Binn, Anne Schroeder, and Kate Gibbs, and D.C. Style’s Dana Spain-Smith listened to Tracy Chapman and Dave Matthews across town at the Mandarin for the impressively A-List YouthAIDS gala, the Weekly Standard’s tenth anniversary party took over 101 Constitution Avenue (also the site of tonight’s D.C. Style fall bash, as it is).

With surprise appearances by people from as far away as Massachusetts-based National Journal media columnist Bill Powers, along with more local faces like Howard Kurtz to celebrate the Standard’s seizing of all three branches of government in less than a decade.

The choice moment? When Wonkgirl and husband, CQ’s Chris Lehmann, posed with William Kristol for a photo: “Not only did Kristol hear out my subscription complaint, he agreed to pose with the Wonkettes. [Reason’s Nick Gillespie] was on hand to snap the shot and before he clicked the shutter he urged: ‘Smile and say ‘quagmire’!’

“I countered with ‘Go war!’, and in the aftermath of the flash Kristol patted my back and smiled: ‘Thank you — that was insincere, but I appreciate it.'”