London: Where The Smokestacks Puff Rose Pedals And The Cars Run On Love


Proving once again that, if you want to “go green,” you’d be wise to pack your bags and head to Europe, where the phrases “progressive” or “environmentally-concious” aren’t considered dirty words, the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, announced earlier this year that he’d like to start forming an “eco city” in a section of the city. Powered by the wind turbines and photovoltaic cells, creating something as close to zero emissions as possible, the place would have 1,000 homes to start, then hopefully growing into something more substantial. Here’s some more:

Livingstone made the announcement while in China reviewing plans for Dongtan, a city which will be powered by renewable energy. Located on the island of Chongming at the mouth of China’s Yangtse River and designed by Arup, Dongtan is being planned as a self-sufficient community for 500,000 people. Its first phase for 80,000 residents will be complete by 2020.