London to Tear Down Banksy’s ‘CCTV’? Make Some Money Along the Way?


London, clearly eager to get some of that sweet Banksy cash, has announced that it is threatening to remove the world’s most famous street artist’s “One Nation Under CCTV” mural from a Westminster wall, claiming it to be graffiti and didn’t get a permit to create it, nor permission from whoever owns the massive wall it now resides upon (part of the problem is that, for some reason, the city can’t figure out who owns the building, which seems pretty unusual — don’t they have, like, public records for this sort of thing?). Then again, with Banksy’s work regularly auctioning in the six figures, we wouldn’t be surprised to find that the city discovers that, wow!, it actually owns the building after all and bidding will begin at $100,000 (what luck!). Here’s a bit:

[Deputy Leader Robert Davis], who is also chairman of the council’s planning sub committee, said: “I take the view that this is graffiti and if you condone this then what is the difference between this and all the other graffiti you see scrawled across the city?

“If you condone this then you condone graffiti all over London.”

Mr Davis said the building’s owner had “every right” to sell or exhibit the Banksy graffiti — as long as it was removed from the wall.

“What we are against is people coming around without proper permission or consent and exhibiting their work without permission.”