LoftLife: Making Living in Filth Fashionable

loftlifecover.jpgHaving survived a year in the McKibbin Dorms (bed bugs free, thank you very much), our view of loft living is a tad skewed. We had a great time, but listening to your neighbors watch Donnie Darko at 4 a.m. every night gets old fast. For this reason LoftLife, a new magazine published out of Atlanta by Metro and Black Book owner Modern Holdings Inc., intrigued us. Call it a desire to see how the other half lives.

Earlier today, we spoke with president and publisher Joseph Resudek about the “explosion” of loft space, the urbanization of America and bringing “Soho to Atlanta.”

LoftLife came out of an idea developed by backers Modern Holdings in 2005. Resudek was pursuing his MBA at the time but always wanted to start a magazine. “I’ve always loved architecture and sort of the loft ideal,” he says. The mag spotlights the beautiful spaces you see while wandering through DUMBO, Williamsburg and other rejuvenated urban centers nationwide.

Isn’t this a silly time to start a print magazine, especially in the struggling shelter category? “Absolutely not,” Resudek says. “We see it as an opportunity,” adding that Modern Holdings launched Metro in the early 90s when industry experts were saying that newspapers were dead. It’s now read by 18.5 million people every day.

“Loft living is exploding,” Resudek continued. “The infrastructure was built during the last economic boom. [We waited to launch the magazine] until there were a certain number of people who wanted to embrace what one person called bringing Soho to Atlanta.”

As long as they don’t bring that stupid giant rabbit, we’ll think LoftLife will find an audience.