Localytics brings push messaging, A/B testing to suite of mobile marketing tools

localytics-engagement-650Image courtesy Localytics

A recent study by mobile apps analytics company Localytics found user retention to be on the increase across both iOS and Android, and it’s with that trend in mind that the company has released a large new update to its app marketing platform, bringing new features to developers and publishers looking to help push that increase even further.

These new features will work to help companies better analyze, target and engage with their users via the addition of push messaging and A/B testing, as examples.

The push messaging system gives developers the option of pushing notifications to users when they’re outside of apps, reminding them of activities they’ve yet to complete, new promotions within apps, and so on. These push notifications, says Localytics, will help developers target users that have been inactive for some time, or who might have left items behind in a virtual shopping cart.

As for the A/B testing, developers will now be able to test their content and deliver “customized user experiences,” optimized specifically to result in the highest conversion and user retention rates. As developers make changes to their content, the Localytics platform allows them to submit those changes freely, without resubmitting code or re-uploading the app to the app store.

Finally, a new “Localytics Acquire” system has been developed to offer a unified look at all user acquisition campaigns and promotions across multiple networks, from Facebook to StrikeAd, among others. This will allow developers to track successful promotions and better decide their next marketing steps.

localytics-map-650Image courtesy Localytics

“When analytics-powered insights and the ability to act on them are united, achieving monetization is one large step closer,” said Localytics CEO and Co-Founder Raj Aggarwal, via a company release. “With the launch of our expanded platform, app marketers can now manage every stage of a customer’s lifetime value from acquisition to engagement and monetization.”

Both the “Acquire” and push messaging systems are available today, while the A/B testing feature will be available later in Q3 2013.

Localytics’ introduction of a push messaging system is a similar move to that of PlayHaven, which added push notifications to its suite of mobile marketing tools in July.