Load Up Your Site with Fancy


Figuring I should give something back while I’m intruding over here at Unbeige, here’s a terrific, easy bit of web trickery that might lend a nice look to anything, whether the person is particularly site savvy or otherwise. It’s Lokesh Dhakar’s Lightbox JS, and it allows you to do really nice overlays of photos on your site. Myself, I belong to that latter camp of people, when it comes to all things backbone on the internet, so I really appreciate stuff like this that’s easy enough to understand, but let’s you screw around with all that mess going on in the background too. And that’s an interesting thing to think about. How many people who are designers or creatives, using both in the most general sense possible, have found themselves needing to know their way around coding and site structures? I know I had to pick up a handful of things when I entered into this world of making-pretty-stuff-for-money. I suppose it’s like anything else, where you’re expected to be able to draw everything they give you on the back of matchbooks, but it’s also pretty essential that you construct the hosting booklets as well. Possibly a bad analogy. But see? If there was someone here who was dedicated to writing the analogies for this blog, instead of me having to do it all this week, you wouldn’t be having such a rough time wrapping your head around what I just wrote.