Liz Smith: Sexist Media Guys Don’t Want To Worry About A Woman President


Today Liz Smith, one of the most consistent media boosters of the achievements of women, defended the possibility that the Democratic nomination could go all the way to the convention in Denver. Further, Smith notes that the desire among major media outlets to see the contest over and done with in favor of Senator Obama stems from underlying sexism. From Liz Smith’s column, titled ”The Good Old Nays,” in The NY Post:

”This thing isn’t over, and shame on the sexist media guys who are so hot to see Hillary dead and buried. (And that includes the media bias evident in respected publications like Newsweek, though they aren’t the only ones.) If you don’t believe sexism reigns, take a look at your male print columnists and most of your he-man shouting TV commentators. These guys are all giddy for Obama to conquer right now so they can quit worrying about a woman being president.”

The full column here.

(image via broadwayworld)