Livestreaming Made Easier For Facebook Page Admins

As of today, even people who don't know how to code can easily install free Livestreaming onto Facebook Pages.

Now you have more options if you want to use the same service that Facebook uses to broadcast live streams of meetings and presentations on the social network: Livestream.

Last June, a more basic version of Livestream became available to Facebook developers in the form of a free application programming interface. Now as of today, even non-techies can get free Livestreaming onto fan pages pretty darn easily. I tried it out and got it to work very quickly.

Of course, you need to have a fan page already set up before you can start playing around with the free Livestreaming, but it only takes a few clicks to create a very basic one. Of course, if you want live video streaming on page, that doesn’t sound like “basic,” yet Livestream’s newest offering actually works on a simple page.

Now here’s the part that might confuse you: Livestream’s Facebook page says the installing the application adds a Livestream tab to your page, then contradicts that with the following hypothetical question and answer:

Why can’t I use Livestream on my profile?

Facebook has announced that they will be removing application tabs from user profiles. We will make every effort to better support personal Livestream channels in an upcoming release but in the meantime we recommend you create a page for your channel. Stay up to date with progress by subscribing to our blog.

I didn’t have this problem, but wonder whether this well-intended bit of copy might deter some would-be streamers. When I clicked on Livestream’s button saying “Add a Livestream tab,” one quickly appeared on a community fan page I just set up. Then I saw a prompt to either choose a channel or create a new one. Another option appeared above with a button marked “start broadcasting.” Here’s where you need to either log on to Livestream or create a new account. A basic account comes free of charge, but customization costs money.

I’m thinking that the free version will do just fine for the first iteration of a fan page I’m planning for my significant other’s business (Sorry, it’s in stealth mode right now.). Readers, what sorts of uses do you envision for Livestream on your favorite fan pages?