LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen App Store (Beta) Live

It is quite an interesting world we live in these days when even a pen has its own app store…

LiveScribe’s Pulse Smartpen Gets Smarter with the Beta Launch of an Application Store

Of course, the LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen is no ordinary pen. It can record and playback the ink you write on a paper with it as well as synchronize recorded sound with the ink. I bought my pen back in May and have been getting good use out of it.

You can find its app store beta at…

The first page of paid apps for the Pulse Smartpen (21 apps) are mostly in the 99 cent to $2.99 range with the loan outlier being the $14.95 American Heritage Spanish Dictionary.

There are also 9 free apps in the store ranging in topics/functions from a video poker game to spanish travel phrases to guitar chords for beginners.