Live Notes from “Facebook Business & Marketing Solutions” at GSP East

We’re here at Graphing Social Patterns East today. We’ll be live blogging throughout the day’s sessions. This session, “Facebook Business & Marketing Solutions,” is by Facebook’s Kent Schoen.

Kent Schoen, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook: Today, I am going to take you through Facebook from the perspective of the marketer. We opened the site across the world in 2006. The developer platform is now a little over a year old and it introduced a real way for businesses to have a place within the social graph. Pages have further expanded businesses’ presence in the social graph.

On Facebook, a user has a profile, connects with friends, and establishes a social graph. As a marketer you must look for a way to gain access to that social graph. Our perspective was that advertising offline was a little bit different than what you are able to do once you bring the social graph into the equation in its digital form. There is now a new and efficient way of accessing these more structured connections between people. Through billboards, phone book ads, etc you can establish one-to-one relationships of your brand with people. With the social graph involved you gain a direct channel for a conversation with users who can further spread your message.

The list of tools to drive engagement on Facebook include share, Events, Pages, and Applications.

  • Facebook Events is not the most robust set of features in the world (relative to Evite etc) but given its integration in the social graph it is leveraged to a greater extent by the users.
  • There are now over 150k Pages with over 85 million fan connections. The idea behind pages is to bring the most compelling content to where the users are.
  • There are now over 24,000 applications on Platform, some that are used to be a compelling or entertaining means to distribute a brand’s message. A single digit percentage of a user’s friends will see that user’s actions via the News Feed, so there is a need for alternative means to spread content.

As a marketer, in order to reinforce your brand there is value in having people see that content via the news feed and not necessarily react immediately.

Ads are a means to accelerate activity that is already occurring. One way to do that would be to target an audience using the rich data that is unique to this environment. People respond over two times more when there is an additional content around an ad. Optimization around keywords flow through to the Facebook environment.

Question: Do you have any data you can share around the impact of the social context around an ad?

We’ve seen that on average having a social action associated with an ad increases the click through rate over 2x.

Question: Will data from the impact of social context or the thumbs up/thumbs down data shared with advertisers?

You can run ads both with and without the social context to compare results. It’s unclear how we will use the data from the thumbs up/thumbs down feature, but if it is useful we will likely share it in the future.