Live Blogging via Cover It Live

coveritlive.jpgIf you are looking for a fast and efficient way of covering special events or a simple tool for blogging, be it posting ideas, images, videos about current events, you’d be better off with CoverItLive (CIL). CIL took the concept of instant messaging and combined it with the idea that an informed, smart writer could make a live blog worth watching.

CIL is innovative web based software that takes live blogging to a new level. Blog postings/updates/commentaries are published in real time like instant messaging. It is an easy-to-use tool that publishes contents using one-click publishing.If you are covering the following items, you would definitely find CIL a nifty web application tool:

Politics and Breaking News
– When covering political debates or an ongoing elections, CIL will help you publish your thoughts and opinions instantly. Your blog/sites would definitely gain leverage in terms of readership since they would get up-to-date information about that event. Think of it as a Twitter of live blogging.

Sports – CIL takes sports blogging into a new level. With CIL you can interact with other sports fans while watching that championship game on your TV.

Earnings Calls and Press Conferences – For business consultants, CIL helps in getting out timely information about earnings webcasts. So if you are running a business blog, your readers would find your timely updates via CIL indeed useful.

Television and Special Events – You can use CIL to run a weekly inside scoop of you favorite shows complete with pictures, videos about the show. And in between commercials you can easily put up a polling question or actors’ biographies for your readers to read.

I’m looking forward to using CoverItLive in the next blogging event that I planning to attend soon. If you are attending the upcoming MacWorld event or any other event in the near future and want to “live blog it”, why not give CoverItLive a try. You can use it for free as of this moments as CIL owners are still looking into possible ways of monetizing their product.