Lin’s in Town

carollinreporting.jpgYou may notice Carol Lin around town today. The former CNN’er began her journalism career in DC covering the Reagan White House and she’s back in town to meet with Sen. Specter’s health people and with Bernadine Healy, the current health editor at USN&WR and the former head of the NIH and member of the President’s Council of Advisors.

Lin’s meeting with them to discuss her upcoming project that partially involves advocating for people dealing with cancer. Carol’s husband, Will Robinson (an 8 time Emmy Award winning producer for CNN), was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer a few years back and died a short time later.

The details of Carol’s project remain vague (she’s not divulging everything yet), but one source close to the project says “it’s big, it’s personal, and she’s throwing everything she has at it — and it will make news when it launches”).

Carol was with CNN for eight years and was brought to that network by Rick Kaplan when he jumped ship from ABC News. At ABC News, Carol was a national correspondent with GMA and for Peter Jennings.

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