LinkedIn Says It’s Better Off Without Twitter

Remember when Twitter pulled the plug on its seemingly symbiotic relationship with LinkedIn?

Though the disconnect may have been annoying for those of us who used it, it turns out the change has been GREAT for LinkedIn.

According to All Things D, LinkedIn says they were worried about the break up at first, particularly since they had worked with Twitter for more than two years. And from a content-sharing standpoint, pulling in tweets was fantastic for the platform.

“We were initially trying pretty hard to keep the relationship with Twitter,” Hoffman said, because “we were concerned about the liquidity of the stream.”

BUT . . .

Hoffman’s tale, three months on, is a different tune entirely. “When Twitter cut us off, we got better, business-focused conversation,” he said onstage at the TechCrunch: Disrupt technology conference in San Francisco. “From a LinkedIn perspective, it improved the product to lose the Twitter connection.”

In a nutshell: Whatever, Twitter. LinkedIn doesn’t need you.

Will we be hearing similar stories from other applications? Maybe Twitter’s new API restrictions are kind of like throwing a kid in the water to learn how to swim – tough love. Tough, kinda unnecessarily mean love . . . for a profit.

But anyway, LinkedIn is doing okay, so hopefully we’ll hear of other success stories. And All Things D says LinkedIn’s shares have more than doubled over the past 52 weeks.

Have you heard of other ‘life after Twitter’ stories – or is LinkedIn an exception because it was already an established platform in its own right?

(Thumbs up image from Shutterstock)